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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

December 1, 2010

Brochure Trees

Today I will share with you my trees made from old Avon brochures. (more trash!) Did the traditional magazine folds. Again my grandson Ryan was lending a helping hand!

When the folding was done we had this. (using 3 brochures cause I did not want skinny trees)

This photo shows only 2 brochures not the 3 I ended up using for each one.
Took them outside & spray painted them green. This took maybe three coats.
(sorry pics of painted trees came out blurry but it was not even finished so you were not missing anything anyway)
I then used some spray on Santa Snow & now the trees look like they have been lightly snowed upon. (spray on snow is the snow we usually always only have in Florida)

Maybe I will add a star to the tops. We shall see. You will see these guys at a later date with some other things I am making from trash type stuff.

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  1. Love these! Thanks for sharing and linking up.

  2. Wow, Beth, these are so gorgeous. Something about the snow on the ruffles with darkness underneath - just super pretty!

  3. I love these. use to make them with my mom when I was younger. We added little tin foil stars to the tops of ours :)

  4. OMGOSH Beth...did you ever bring back a long long long ago memory...LOL!!! I can remember making some of these when I was in school and that's been well almost before ok let's just stop there..hehe!! Can't wait to see all your other recycle goodies.


  5. Ha Ha my mother is an Avon lady!!! Will have to pass this on for her---there are always books laying around!! have fun folding!!

  6. What a great idea for all of the catalogs I have lying around! Oh, Minions....

  7. This is a great project too! Thanks for linking it up as well :)

  8. We use to make these as the bottom to Mr and Mrs Santa clause from the old TV guides.My gramma knew how to keep kids busy