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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

December 17, 2010

Me, The Broom & My Nyquil Stupor

 Morning or whatever time it is right now Blogland. Did a shot of Nyquil before bed but the Broom doesn't care. (actually the Nyquil didn't care either. just could not stay asleep) I was tossing & turning & on one turn I see the Broom standing at my side of the bed, staring at me. Yea, brooms can stare & it's kind of an eerie thing. Really creeps you out. So I stumbled out of bed (really...I stumbled) & again armed with a box of tissues & a bottle of Dayquil, off we went. (not without some grumbling on my part)

 But the Broom did find me a new place to hang around on Fridays. Check it Friday Blog Spot at Home Grown Families I am so glad that my Broom pays attention to where we are going. I was able to hang there for a bit til my head cleared some. (not the sinuses though....sigh)




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  1. Oh dear Beth...I hope you get to feeling better soon. Thank you (and broom) for showing us some great sites today.


  2. Wishing you pink light and happiness

  3. Well there's a couple I didn't know about!

    And you need a lock on your broom closet.