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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

November 30, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

 Okay....ehemm (tap, tap) is this thing on? Why is it making that gosh awful squealing noise? What? Oh, oh okay I'll back away from it some. Thanks
Hi everyone & thanks for stopping by to hear my acceptance speech for the Stylish Blogger Award! I'd like to thank my children who helped in making me as crazy as I am. My husband who helped finish the job of making me crazy & makes sure that on any given day I regain none of my sanity back. I'd also like to thank my stylist from the Goodwill Thrift Store for dressing me in my outfit for today. Most of all I would like to thank Crystal from Crystal's Creations for bestowing this honor upon me & to all the readers & followers of Wiccan Make Some Too, whom without I would not be where I am in Blogland today! This is a special day for me & I am so happy you are all here to share it with me.

To accept this award I have to do the following:
1). Thank and link back to the person who awarded me
2). Share 8 things about myself
3). Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered
4). Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards

Things to know about me:

 1.  My mother was Hungarian, my father was Navajo  so that makes me a  Hungryjo.

   2.  I have 3 children. One boy, Shannon- 32yrs old & two girls  Theresa- 28 yrs old & Tracy-27 yrs old


   3. I am Grandmama (yea..like Endora from Bewitched) to 4 beautiful  grandchildren.  Ryan-11yrs, Bradley- 5yrs, Carson- 3yrs  & Jessica-  9months

   4. I do not smile much. When people ask me about it I tell them that it  takes more muscles to frown than to smile so therefor I am working out.


   5.  I am allergic to just about every type of food & after some years  of shots & the reactions to them I just eat what I want & take my  chances. Not real smart I know but I never claimed to be a Rocket Scientist.     

   6.  The first three numbers of my birthday are 666 (really they are!) That  tends to freak people out sometimes. The other day during a job interview  the guy interviewing me says "Oh, you have three sixes for the first  three numbers in your birthday" I replied " I think thats the required  amount".          


    7. My favorite color is purple but I wear a lot of black clothing cause  black has the "slimming" effect. Once my oldest daughter asked why I wear so much black clothing. I told her when they come out with a darker color  I will wear that.


    8. I am Wiccan (big shock I know) & happy with my chosen "path" in  life. I am just as compassionate as anybody else. I don't abuse the knowledge I have gained through studying Wicca  but I have had "fun" with it in the past. (believe me you don't want bad Karma snapping at your heels....not fun)    

Now for the 8 bloggers I am passing this award onto: (can you hand me that envelope? Thanks)
(drum roll please)


  1. Well thank you kindly, Lady! I'm flattered and thrilled! And congratulations yourself!

    I love your retort on the wearin' o' the black, as well as the Hungyjo!

  2. Thanks sooo much for the blog award! I can't wait to check out all the other blogs too!

  3. Thank you so much for the award!! I am honored and flattered to be chosen. You are so kind. : )

    Congratulations to you for the Stylish Blogger Award! Way to go!!

    Lori : )

  4. Congrats! Well-deserved award! And you should be writing comedy bits for the Oscar presenters.

  5. LOL I enjoyed reading this. I love how you wrote it out, so formal but hilarious! LOVE IT! hehe

  6. Hmmmm... let me try this again....I did comment before but I don't think it worked!I thoroughly enjoyed your answers!You are one funny lady!Thanks so much for the honor of this award!Big hugs!
    Carly from Peacefully Chaotic

  7. Oh Beth, THANK YOU so much girl. I am so stoked you included me in your list, and I saw this the other day, but did not have a chance to write about it, and JUST remembered it now, so I am doing a little shout out, and THANK you on my blog, and then of course I will add it to my other awards, I have YET to FORMALLY accept, he he. I wonder if I can just do one accaptance, and then pass on like 10 awards, to each of my chosen ones, lol.


    Bella :)