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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

November 13, 2010

Craft Store Clearance Sale!

Today I went to the local Micheal's Crafts store just to check out what they had. Plus I was bored.  As I neared the entrance to the store that all changed. Large bins marked "clearance" loomed in front of me. I scoped them out & was so thrilled at all that I saw. First thing I noticed was this black glitter tree with a fenced area around it.

The original price of this awesome tree was $14.99. It had been marked down to $12.99 then to $5.99. In the middle of the two marked down prices I saw $2.99. I snagged that bad boy up so fast the movement created a breeze & ruffled the hair of the lady along side of me who was bent down examining other clearance items. She cut me a glance & I just smiled, shrugged & said "Hey, it's $2.99". She completely understood. 
As I perused the lower shelves I spotted this black glitter pumpkin also priced at $2.99. I swooped in on it like a bald eagle to it's prey. Except that I am not bald & I cannot fly. (at least not without my broom)
Just look at that price!

I continued in my search of awesome killer deals acquiring  what was labeled as a fruit pick for $.59, three glitter bird picks marked down to $.35 each & a pack of felt stickers marked down to $.59. 

Here is all my goodies I got today.

Grand total with tax , $8.79! 
I know, I got some incredible deals here. Not to mention the black glitter that I will be finding on myself for the next three months.

I am thankful for way cheap marked down glittery objects.

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