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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

November 27, 2010

The Holidays & Your Pets

Just a reminder this Holiday Season. If you have cats,  be sure to keep them away from any Poinsettias you may get as a Hostess gift or one you have yourself purchased. While Poinsettias are not "toxic", the milky sap contains an unknown and non-deadly toxin. This can cause irritation to your cat's mucus membranes & excessive salivation.  Your cat should not be allowed to snarf up your bowl of Christmas Hershey Kisses either. Chocolate is not good for your cat.
If you are the parent of a rabbit you must also take care that your little hopping furry thing does not start to munch on your Christmas Tree.
If your Christmas tree has not been treated with  a fire retardant, pesticides or painted, then it should be safe to chew. The natural chemical compounds in some evergreens can cause your hopping furry's urine to turn more orange than usual. But that is not anything to worry about.

Now if one of your "children" happens to be a dog here are somethings to be careful about. We all know the sad look a dog can lay on you when he or she is begging for whatever you are cooking or eating. If your dog eats what ever hits the floor while you are cooking, take care that pooch does not snarf up any onions. Onions can cause anemia & large amounts of garlic can do the same thing. Grapes, raisins & chocolate are also a big no no for Fido. Also be sure your dog does not try to drink the water for your live tree as this can make them sick.
Now with all pets you must be careful of the Holiday decorations. Anything new demands to be investigated by your furry children. I am sure most if not all of you have heard the horror stories of pets & children eating the tinsel. Usually, one has no idea until the tinsel has already made its way through the body & is "discovered". And it is not a pleasant discovery. The eating of tinsel can cause serious damage to the intestine & could end up being fatal to your furry child.
Christmas light cords are a delicacy for your pet. And again one must be careful that these do not become chew toys. Electrical shock may occur from defective cords as well as from your pet chewing through them. So just keep an eye out for your furry kids & keep them healthy & happy throughout the Holiday Season.

I am thankful that I have a legit reason not to share my chocolate with my pet.

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  1. Hi, Beth, this is such a wonderful post! Many pets will be grateful that you cared enough to warn their owners on all these hazards. Thanks so much!!!