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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

November 3, 2010

My No $ Project

Today I am going to show you my totally free redo that I did yesterday. Free...now that is a four letter word I love! Okay buckle up readers, here we go.
For starters the Hubs & I got lucky when we spotted this baby by someones trashcan. Actually had a small trash bag sitting in top so the idea was clear. They did not want it anymore. Hubs swooped in to the rescue & we brought the abandoned little guy home.
Yes it had seen better days but did not deserve to be kicked to the curb. (pun intended) All it's body parts were there just not assembled & not in too hot of shape. The handle grip looked like a gargoyle used it for teething.

The connector thingy was cracked & some kind soul but a band-aid on it in hopes of mending.
Yup, that is a band-aid. First thing in this redo was to clean the cobwebs, dirt & what looked like little bug body part skeletons off of this poor little guy. After a good scrubbing & part separation which included bandage removal. I fixed the crack with some white craft glue that I always have on hand. Using a toothpick I managed to get the glue onto the crack. Did not have Liquid Nails & was not gonna go buy some since this was a free craft. Keeping non-spending all the way here. I sprayed the outside of the wagon with Kilz Satin finish in Monterey Blue. This stuff was in the garage when we moved in so....Free!

I decided to keep the hardware & wheels natural wood. So after they were dry I sprayed them with triple-thick crystal Clear Glaze from Krylon. This stuff was already with my craft supplies so again.......Free.
I looked for sandpaper to remove the evidence of gargoyle teething on the handle but could not find any in the garage. I went into a slight panic. I could not go purchase any cause I wanted this baby to be cost free. So I looked around the garage & spotted.............a pumice stone!
It was messy but hey it worked & did not cost a dime! So if any of your friends ever ask,"Hey, do you know how to get rid of signs of gargoyle teething"? You can smile & say, "Oh yes, yes I do"!
Once the body of my little wagon was dry I started in on the letters & the heart design. I used  Craftsmart acrylic paint in black for the letters. (one coat was all that took) On the heart I used the same brand paint in cherry cobbler. (three coats for that).

Once the paint dried I sealed it with the Clear Glaze & left it to dry overnight. This morning all I had to do was reattach the hardware. Another cool thing about this little wagon is that the connectors for the handle & axle were wooden dowels! It just gushed country cute!
I had to of course take it away from totally country cute by adding my own special twist. Filled it with some fake fall flowers that were given to me years ago & that the Hubs has been trying to get me to toss out ever since. Placed the Halloween pumpkin that the Hubs carved & my own twist.....a skull. Now I present to you my free project! 
Ta Da!
Placed it out in front of the house in the little area where we cultivate weeds. Yes, weeds. We have a rabbit & Bandit D. Bunny loves these for his dinner. So as long as they grow we will keep them there for the bunny to eat cause they are also....Free!
So there you have it. My free project made from junk around the house!
You like, yes?
Me too & I am thankful for a no $ project. 

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  2. This is adorable! I love that you remade it into a decoration for both the pumpkin and the skull!

  3. Totally SUPER find. I actually get happier finding stuff in the trash than the store. Just something about it, lol. You did a great job, it looks really great!!

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  4. great little wagaon!! cuteness!! And Im also glad I know how to remove those pesky gargoyle teething marks! :)