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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

November 14, 2010

Scarecrow Wreath for like Nothin'!

Alright kiddies its test time! Do you remember the post I did the day when I got a wreath form & some fake pine & doo dads for a buck?.........Wow at least the crickets remember cause thats all I'm hearing. Please don't  all of you yell out at once. Ok, most of you failed the test. (sigh) I thought we were making progress. Speaking of progress I will get on with this post. Anywho, I got this wreath form the other day plus some other stuff with it for a buck. (flash back sequence)

Ring a bell?

So Friday afternoon I hit the Dollar Store looking for some spray paint. When I walk in the door there is this shopping cart with on of my favorite words hanging from a large sign on the side, "Clearance".  My eyes immediately scan the store from left to right & back again for anyone I may have to knock over in my dash to the cart with that magic sign. The coast was clear so people were safe. I start digging in the treasure trove & discover the original painting of the Mona Lisa. Nah, just checking if you were paying attention. I got scarecrows! Scarecrows for $.10 a  piece. Cute little suckers too. Maybe you have seen some of their relatives during your shopping trips. Check em out.

They look so happy that I rescued them & brought them home. Don't you wanna just reach out & pinch their little fake burlap cheeks?

So as I was bringing them home a plan was developing in my mind (cue scary music here).  Hmm...I have that wreath form & now I have nine $.10 scarecrows. Before I had a chance to work out my plans, the Hubs asked could he take one over to Joy, the 83yr old lady that got some of the pumpkin mousse. So seeing as I am such a nice person (stop laughing! I can be when the mood hits) Eh hem...I said "yeahoksurefine". (real fast just like that)
I knew I had to preform some major surgery on some of these new scarecrow buddies of mine so I got the selected ones drunk & started removing bases & supports. (that was kinda tough cause they had dowel rods placed where the sun don't shine) Not to worry, they actually thanked me later. Here is a before & after dowel removal shot.

No the one on the right waiting for dowel removal is not flipping me off or begging me not to remove the offending piece of wood. He is just politely asking to be next. He got his wish.

 I heated up the trusty glue gun & got to work. My now happy post op patients were eager to get on with their new roles.

Little tuck here, little ribbon (clearance bin $1.00 from the crafts store), couple two, three glitter pine cones for $.35 each & I present to you my Scarecrow Wreath!

Thank you, thank you.....no applause, just throw money!  
Don't they look just so happy with their new lease on life? I am tickled that I could give these happy scarecrows a chance to hang out on my front door so they can smile & wave to people passing by. 
I do not however have the heart to tell them that once the giant bird gets eaten they will be placed in a carton & shoved into a dark garage. Oh well, they will find out when the time comes but at least they are happy for now.
I am thankful that no innocent shoppers were injured in my mad dash to the Clearance Cart.

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