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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

November 23, 2010

Thrift Shop & Lunch at Frida's Cafe

Alright busy  readers I am back with another post about Thrift Stores & the wonders they hold. Today I stopped & picked up our friend Joy. She is the one that got some of the Pumpkin Mousse & one of my $.10 scarecrows. Here she is checking out a snowman.

After much scrutiny Joy decided the snowman was good enough to be taken home.

Joy is 83 yrs young. Man I wish I had her energy!
Now on to my loot. First I found some puzzles for my grandson Ryan. These were new & still in their original wrappings for a buck each.

Next I found some awesome crafty stuff for MEGA CHEAP! Here we go......high five.

This pile of wonderfulness was $5.00 for everything. Each bag of 12 styrofoam balls were $.25. I was amazed at the price. I struck gold boys & girls. Each wreath form was $1.00. And my giant bag of different sized & colored pom poms was $2.50.  There are so many colors & sizes I am set for life with all these pom poms.

Joy found this baby girl Santa hat under a pile of Christmas stockings for $.50. I have snagged it for my granddaughter Jessica. Now I just have to get a skull  to attach to it & she will be quite festive!

Got this pile of handcrafted Holiday trivets for $1.00.

All of these little stuffed animals & do dads were crammed into a plastic bag with a $1.00 price tag also.

For $.50 I got this tag still attached plastic snowflake box that I am going to use to make Yule Bath Bombs.  I ended up spending $10.50. Not bad for all my goodies. 
Next we headed to Frida's Cafe in Largo for lunch & to celebrate our great finds. Joy & I each had the Signature Sandwich with chicken salad. (you can get it with tuna too but Joy & I are both chicken salad fans)

 There is Joys plate. The sandwich also comes with your choice of chips or coconut bread. Joy loves coconut so much she chose that & for her dessert she got a coconut doughnut.

I opted for the Grand Marnier Mousse that had a solid chocolate covering & a cute little cookie worm thingy stuck on it. The coffee is excellent there also. Check out the size of Joy's doughnut in the back. The thing was huge!
I took a couple of shots of the display cases at Frida's Cafe. Look at all that delicious yummyness just waiting to be attacked with a fork!

Doesn't all that stuff look awesome? Oh to have seen it in person was quite an experience folks I tell ya that.  I have never been walked out of Frida's Cafe hungry & everything I have had so far has been fantabulous.

I am thankful for the yummyness to be found at Frida's Cafe.

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  1. Okay, NOW I'm hungry. Those desserts look amazing!! I shop at the thrift stores/garage sales/flea markets all the time. Anything I don't have to pay full price for is good for me!