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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

November 5, 2010

Time for a Pumpkin Mousse Hunt

Okay everyone today I will show you some really cool easy pumpkin mousse that I whip up with a quick wave of my magick wand. Oh uh alright I use a mixer and other ingredients. Sounded cool though didn't it? Here are the things we need.
The sugar was feeling shy today & ran off to hide before I snapped this. It is over behind the coffee maker. if you look close I drew an arrow pointing towards it but it is kinda small. Oh well, moving on. This pile of ingredients will make about six servings. If you have more hungry mouths to feed, just double it like I did. I did not decide to double up until after this picture was taken. We have a sweet friend Joy, who is 83 & she was pretty upset that the place we stopped at for lunch after hitting some thrift stores the other day was out of Pumpkin Mousse. So I made extra for Joy.   
After you have your pumpkin filling dumped into the mixing bowl add 1/4 cup of shy sugar. (1/8 cup if using single batch method) Mix this up til it is mixed up.
Add your instant vanilla pudding mix & for double batch add 1 teasp. pumpkin pie spiceMix until just blended
Add the whipped topping & mix thoroughly or until your hand mixer freezes up. If you are lucky, you just happen to have an extra one you snagged last year at a thrift shop cause some inner voice told you to get it cause it was only $2.00 & ya never know.

If you are not lucky enough to have a back up mixer if your main one decides "uh uh I ain't gonna",  then I hope someone with a strong arm is home cause you want this mixed good. (mixer in the back is the one that gave up. I will miss you mixer.. sniff sniff) Then dump the old mixer in the trash can & say buh bye.
Once your mousse is a ready to go you can spoon it into individual serving dishes or just sit down with a big spoon & have at it.
I like to sprinkle just a smidge of the pumpkin pie spice on top for dramatic effect. Here is a serving of my mousse standing next to a paper mache pumpkin I  made. No I was not going for the diseased effect the pumpkin just looks gnarly in this photo. So make away & enjoy!
This recipe is a great way to get that pumpkin taste for Thanksgiving without having to heat up the house too much from baking. That is something we watch out for here in the warm climate of Florida. If the windows are open, turning on the oven may have to lead to closing the house up & turning on the air conditioner. Whipped topping is already in the dish so just grab & serve!

I am thankful for spiderweb martini glasses to put Pumpkin Mousse in.

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  1. I'm soooooooooo making this, it looks fantastic, and how simple!

    Where in Florida are you?

  2. This looks delicious. And I love the no-bake kinds too, even though today it is so cold here in Illinois that I have a fire burning in my fireplace! Thanks for linking up with Theme Party Thursday!

  3. this seems simple enough for me to handle. I'll definitely be trying this soon!

    ps - thanks for stopping by Just Drops!


  4. Hi! Cute blog!! I was stopping by to wish you luck and thank you for participating in the Holiday Open House! I noticed you don't have the button on your post... you will need it to qualify to win! Hurry and grab it here:


    Best of luck to you!
    Blogmania 2011 Dream Team Member