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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

November 18, 2010

Meeting Some Peeps

No not the marshmallow kind, the blogging kind! 
 Its a Chic Click Carnival over at Tidy Mom's blog today. An awesome party, a reason to get together & meet new Peeps. (ones that won't stick to your hips)

Here is the widget thingy that will get you on your way to meeting tons of great new Peeps

So, you have to introduce yourself, mention & link to one of your popular posts then pick a favorite Peep you found on the widget thingy & link back to Tidy Mom's blog.

Alrighty then here goes.
Eh hem

Hi everybody (i'm waving at the computer screen here) I am Beth Adams & the blog Wiccan Make Some Too is all my fault! 
Here I am with my grandson Ryan a few years back it is like the only photo I have ever smiled in!
Right now my most popular posts is A Frame to be Thankful For. I am very thankful that is a popular post cause I had no clue what I was gonna do with that frame when I started revamping it.

My fav Peep of the week is Cindy over at Skip to my Lou. She has a freakin awesome blog & even shows you how to make chalk-paint! How cool is that! Huh? Look it.

That right there will make you wonderful in any child's eye.
So go ahead & check out the Peeps on the Peep widget thingy & try for your chance to host this sweet gig for your self & get swarms of Peeps visiting your blog. I'm serious go......there is nothing else to see here. (i'm poofing out now , seriously)

I am thankful for Peeps. Both the mashmallow kind & the kind you meet on the interwebz.

Don't forget to leave a comment. I love hearing from cool folks like yourself.
Become a follower of Wiccan Make Some Too, I love the company!


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  1. What a cute blog and blog title!! your thankful frame is awesome!!

    Thanks for linking up!!