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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

November 15, 2010

Sweet Taters ala Evonne

My Facebook friend Evonne sent me this recipe of Sweet Potatoes made with Jack Daniels whiskey. I must admit I love a shot of Jack Daniels at the holidays. On to the recipe & a huge "Thanks Girl" to Evonne.

I do not have a picture of this so I snagged  a cool Thanksgiving thingy from the interwebz.
Evonne's Sweet Taters

Prep. Time:  1 :30 
6-8 lrg. sweet potatoes -  peeled /4  cup butter /4  cup granulated 
sugar OR 
light brown sugar /8  tsp. salt /4  cup Jack Daniel's ®  Whiskey 
/2  cup chopped 
pecans -Boil sweet potatoes in water for 35  minutes, or until tender. 
We also 
nuke potatoes till soft.  -Drain and cool slightly. 
Mash the potatoes and 
butter  together with an electric  mixer. -Stir in sugar, 
salt, and whiskey. 
-Spread 1 /2  the sweet potato mixture in a greased 
2  quart  casserole dish,  
then sprinkle 1 /2  the pecans on top.optional. -
Spread the remaining sweet 
potato  mixture on top and  sprinkle with  remaining
pecans. -Bake in a 325  
degree oven for 35  minutes. 

 Hope you enjoy this recipe! Remember to have a few samples of the Jack Daniels just to make sure it is good enough for the sweet potatoes!  Of course you must first be "tall enough to ride this ride"  or no samples for you!

I am thankful that I am "tall enough to ride this ride".

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  1. I love sweet potatoes! I will try the recipe and I will let you know!
    Have a nice week!

  2. This sounds like a great recipe. Thanks for stopping by "In His Grip" :o)

  3. I'll try this recipe soon. I'm so fond of sweet potatoes so I'll share the fun with my kids. Thanks for sharing :)