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November 19, 2010

The Snowman's been Framed!

Howdy Hey everybody. Today I am making a cheap, easy Christmas Decoration. I spent Tuesday morning wandering around Joanne's Fabrics drooling over & on all kinds of things. (actually I only spent an hour & a half & I did drool slightly) I got some fabric paints, big pack of felt for $3.00, some holiday type stickers for mega cheap, a piece of scrapbooking paper for a project down the road, ( uh I will be making the project here not down the road, shoulda said later on.....oh well!). I got some goodies & I only spent like $10.00 all total. So as I dumped my bag out on the counter I started to try to figure out.....just what the hell am I gonna do with this stuff? First up on the cue :  the stickers.

I head to the garage & grab a frame I have been saving for something. Like maybe a picture or something. This one is being used for a something. Now when I opened the frame I realized to my horror that there was not glass in this frame at all but some clear plastic piece that was attached to the frame itself & could not be removed. ( it could but I didn't want to have to cut it out & ruin it)
I remove the paper "photo" of some 1800's chick I do not know from the frame & I stuffed it in the front so my "plastic" glass would not get messed up.

I sprayed it with some Kilz satin finish spray paint in Brown Sugar ( one of the paints that were here when we moved in. It was nice of the Craft Fairy to leave some things for me as a moving in gift dontcha think?)

Couple a three coats & it was ready to go. After it dried of course.

I had enough left over scrapbook paper to cut into a funky oval shape that fit my frame perfectly!

Cute little background with snowflakes.

Oh my no! It is snowing so hard in the frame now it has caused a White Out! Oh...thats just my over eager camera flash. Sorry. I chose a couple of the stickers I got from Joanne's. The snowman sticker came 12 in a bag for a buck. The candy cane was mixed with some trees & stars & other candy canes, 24 in a bag for a buck.

And here you have it my lovely readers. The Snowman has been framed!

What do you think? Should I paint the fancy stuff a contrasting color, add a sprig of greenery to the top or just leave it alone? 
(Cue cliff hanger music)
Stay tuned to find out the fate of our framed snowman friend. 

I am thankful for my never ending supply of non-existing  music on cue.

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  1. Great project! Love the frame transformation!

  2. You left this on the linky we have set up for our Holiday Bloganza. Is this a gift you are giving away as part of our event or did you make a mistake and put this in the wrong spot.

    Our Holiday bloganza is where each blog is giving a gift. On Nov 22 we are having a huge giveaway of all the gifts. One person wins all.

    Let me know
    terrylee5151 at aol dot com

  3. Very cute! Thanks for sharing.