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The Witch's New Year- Oct. 31st.

November 9, 2010

Cubed Steak Meal in a Hurry

The other day I had some cubed steak thawing for dinner. I was planning on make a Salisbury Steak kinda thingy with it. The Hubs called me & told me he was on his way home from work but had a quick stop to make & would be home in about 30 minutes. So I calmly stroll into the kitchen, open my cabinet & discover that I have no beef bullion. (panic sets in) What am I gonna do now? So I quickly scan my cabinets & fridge. My mind is going a hundred miles an hour at this point (kinda made me a bit dizzy) as I am taking in what I have on hand. Aha! An idea pops into my mind & I begin to create.
First I dump some flour in a bowl & add some chili powder. Sorry I do not measure anything usually I just eye it up. I added some ground black pepper & mixed that up. I looked at it for a sec & continued on.
I grabbed my handy mortar & pestle dumped about a tablespoon each of thyme & marjoram. Grind that up a bit to release more flavor. ( I always do this with my dried herbs. Really brings out the flavor & aroma) I add this to my flour mixture & prepare a milk bath for the cubed steak. Just dip the steak in the milk, turn & dip again, then  place it in the flour mixture & cover good with the mix.
Heat oil in the bottom of a 4 quart cooking pot & add the flour coated cubed steaks & cook for a total of 4 minutes on each side.
While that is cooking I mix up a batch of my Great Grandma's secret Stroganoff Noodle recipe & pop them in the nuker (microwave) & set it for 14 minutes.
Next I grab some string beans fresh from the garden.
Once my cubed steaks had cooked I transferred them to a plate. Chopped  some onion & sun-dried tomatoes.
I put the onions & sun-dried tomatoes in the pot I cooked the cube steaks in & over medium heat cooked until the onions caramelized slightly. Note in the photo the browned flour that was left behind from the cubed steaks. Leave these bad boys in there for extra added flavor.
Next I added a can of condensed Cream of Chicken soup & half of that can of hot water. 
I grabbed the White Cooking Wine & poured like a glub glub of that in the pot. ( a glub glub is the sound the wine makes as it pours out of the bottle) Once I got this all mixed together I added my cubed steaks to the pot & let it simmer til the Hubs came through the door. Taking time to compose myself so he would not know that I was frantically scrambling around to put this meal together.
Happily my Hubs loved the concoction I threw together in a panic. Served it up with the family secret noodle recipe & green beans. The little bit of leftovers he ate the next day for lunch while still singing my praises for being such an awesome cook!

I am thankful for being able to think fast when I have to. 

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  1. The recipe sounds delish as is, truly, but the photo of you reaching into the shrubbery for a can of green beans- I lost it. I did. Milk came out my nose. I haven't had milk in days. That. Was. Hysterical.

  2. Glad you liked that Sunny! Once I got the idea in my head I could not let it go!